Kingsford Huray Gets Green Light To Sell Units

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Kingsford Huray, the developer of Normanton Park was penalised with a no-sale license for 2 years, is finally given the green light to start selling its units, albeit with some conditions.

The penalty was given after a series of complaints from owners about low quality workmanship and sparse amenities at Kingsford’s other project Kingsford Waterbay. The URA also added that the no-sale order was imposed when Kingsford failed to achieve certain standards for constructions works at Kingsford Waterbay.

In addition, complaints from owners of Kingsford Hillview Peak about low workmanship was also taken into account.

After the no-sale gag was imposed, Normanton Park’s construction was allowed to start but Kingsford Huray cannot start selling any units.

Normanton Park developer was required to complete a quality workmanship assessment for all affected units.

The no-sale ban was cancelled on Nov 20, 2020 after Kingsford Waterbay and Hillview Peak satisfactory passed the assessment and has been issued with their Certificate of Statutory Completion.

As for Normanton Park, Kingsford Huray has to take into account a 12 months to complete the Quality Mark assessment for all its 1,862 units.