New Private Home Sales Down 2.6% In April Amidst Robust Normanton Park Sales


As seen from the above article, sales of private BUC in Singapore has slide down 2.6% comparing April’s figures vs March’s figures. The bulk of the sales are new launches in the RCR (Rest of Central Region) accounting for 40.2% of total sales. Core Central Region accounted for the next 35.2% while the Outside of Central Region stands at 24.6%.

Analysts have concluded that the overall sales performance in the market is healthy and the slight depreciation in April sales is not a cause for concern. The decrease in sales as analysts confirmed can be attributed to a lowering of inventory and a lack of new launches in the single month.

As a matter of fact, April 2021 recorded the highest sales in April since 2017.

Be that it may be that April sales is slightly dampened, Normanton Park was able to move 81 units, making the project one of the top 5 best selling project for the month of April. Do take note that our pricing are still attractive due to the ongoing promotion so do kindly make an appointment with us to learn more about this amazing quality project.

Source: PropertyGuru