Normanton Park – Greenery Within And Around


Seizing a large residential site of nearly 63,593.7sqm, this recently launched private development is established to accommodate both soaring and grounded living for the side of residential and business units that comprises shops and some dining restaurants.

Placed within the Queenstown region in the Central Region of Singapore, Normanton Park embraces water bodies and slush shrubbery. A large division of more than 60% of the area of Normanton Park’s site has been established and developed into a common space for the homeowners. Beautiful pools and lawns within the Normanton development produced seamless incorporation with the close-by green hallways and a quiet lake directly outside this development.

Sparked by the domestique enclosing of the development, the frontage of the private blocks is constructed with elements that signified growing trees from the grassy ground. Some of the added peculiarities are like the Beacon has a glowing cranium on the top of all the luxurious residential blocks. The grounded level area serves as a porch/balcony facing the landscaping and water bodies.

In Normanton Park, there are more than 100 lifestyle amenities such as the Zen Garden, Dining by The Woods, Amazon Valley, or at the Botanical Outdoor Fitness to accommodate a getaway of 365 days for all homeowners.

Maximal Possible view for All Homeowners

An entirety of 9 private tower bars will be developed where all the blocks are raised to around 19 meters high from the earth level. With a great blend of various unit variety options (1-Bedroom to 5-Bedroom) in all of the blocks, most homeowners can experience expansive scenes of the town, lush greenery environment, or Southern Islands.

A great distance of nearly 76m – 106m from AYE to the most adjoining terrace apartments and the private blocks must be installed and improved with window/door restrictors and acoustic ceiling for these homes and blocks nearer to AYE.

Units that are overlooking in the Northern way will be gazing towards the Botanic Garden areas, One North, Science Park. On the other side, in the Southern direction, lots of greenery can be seen from Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park, and the low-rise residential accompanying Pasir Panjang. Additionally, up south, homeowners will be gazing towards the coming Great Southern Waterfront and the Sentosa.

Principal Employment and Business Nodes

It is a unique site that resided right after Kent Ridge Hill Park, from where it is surrounded by wide greenery and water bodies. Normanton Park is encircled by several key important growth businesses and employment nodes like International Business Park, Singapore Science Park I and II, One-North Business Park, and Mapletree Business City. Not to be forgotten, Normanton Park is located between the Central Business District (CBD) and the Jurong Lake District (Singapore’s Future 2 CBD), where significant businesses and jobs are taking place. 

Future Potential Development and Plans

The highly predicted plan under Singapore Master design, the forthcoming Greater Southern Waterfront, is placed right at the southern part of the site from Pasir Panjang to Marina East. It is imagined as the Waterfront City seen in the upcoming time, which is around 2000ha in size and equal to almost 6 times the dimension of Marina Bay. This will include prime waterfront land along with plentiful business and lifestyle events. Better access plans are in place to meet the heavy influx of congestion in the future, and new roads will be built to connect the traffic from Portsdown Road to South Buona Vista Road. It will also bring more support from the Science Park to the Greater Southern Waterfront, mainly with crowds coming to the fore in the future.

Now going forward, there will also be more important plans for the future within One-North, which currently has nearly 400 leading companies and global institutions that are also developing. Future ideas like uniting One-North with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to enhance ties with industry and increase its role in teaching and research. As part of the green connectivity, an extensive green corridor has been built over the southern bridges starting from Mount Faber Park connecting Telok Blangah Hill Park and Hortpark to Kent Ridge Park. In addition, a 24km rail corridor that joins the north and south of Singapore will connect the Future Woodlands North Coast, and Greater Southern Waterfront ranges through this Trans-Island Green Artery.