Normanton Park Kingsford: A Perfect Home

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Normanton Park intends to be one of the most inexpensive yet coveted condos in the rest of the Central area when it comes to luxury and comfort in condominiums. As you’ll soon determine, the condos are planned around sprawling property with a wide array of lifestyle amenities, pampering the residents with enough options and activities.

And this new expansion by Kingsford is awaking on the site of the former Normanton Park, which occupied a fairly vast land parcel with some attractive facilities. This detailed study surveys the local features of the project along with the Normanton Park Site Plan, Normanton Park Floor Plan, Normanton Park Pricing, and its features.

Normanton Park, A Lush Haven, A Perfect Home


Normanton Park Kingsford, which used to be an essential landmark, ranging during the course of years of military heritage, was a home for the officers and commanders. What we have at present is an immense transmutation of the residential landmark with the 9 tall standing skyscrapers looking over the magnificent hills of Kent Ridge.

Normanton Park is situated in a deliberate location mainly with the growth of Greater Southern Waterfront, which will provide you a greater and better perception and assurance, why this development will be a great buy for personal stay buyers. This will be an excellent and beautiful start for you to Live, Play, Work, Learn.

Normanton Park Pricing

Estate transactions are extremely dynamic actions. Whether you are an expert or a first-time buyer, always advise you to make an effort to get down and speak to an agent while buying any property. This will gain you a greater perception of all aspects (payment, loans, purchase timeline, stamp duty) of the acquisition of your home.

Normanton Park is designed with nine 24-story skyscrapers surrounding by huge swimming pools. These nine magnificent and sumptuous blocks collectively built a sum of 1840 leisure apartments with pieces from 1-bedroom to 5 bedroom as well as penthouses.

For easy reference, here is provided a summarized Normanton Park’s latest prices for the different apartment plans:

  • One-bedroom blocks from 45 to 65 square meters (sqm) of sizes, the selling price would come between the range of S$945,000 and S$1.185 million.
  • Five-bedroom blocks from 150 to 167 square meters (sqm) of sizes, the selling price would start from S$2.8 million onwards.
  • 22 two-story, 196 sqm strata terrace houses (Villa collection) placed on the ground floor, directly joining pool entrance and a separate parking lot for everyone. They start their selling price tags from S$3.15 million.
  • In joining, Normanton park also has 8 commercial units, which measure as, seven 43-44 sqm shops and one 104 sqm restaurant.

Normanton Park Site Plan


Third, this condominium have an all-inclusive and space-efficient Normanton park site plan. It will include the popular 1 and 2 bedrooms, which are a great option for solo professionals, investors, and small families. It will have larger units involving 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms with a penthouse, which will cater to the needs of the home occupants. The units in this development will consist of spacious designs, which will create an amazing ambiance for the occupants.

Normanton Park Floor Plan

Finally, along with the spacious site, the developers will set up several recreational facilities. For example, a well-equipped gym, dining area, a large swimming pool, clubhouse, BBQ space, and raised deck to meet the day-to-day workout requirements of the residents. Amenities here will also include a tennis court for those who love to play tennis, and the One Normanton Park condominium has a nice-looking landscape to give an upscale appeal. It will also have a state-of-the-art emergency response system involving round-the-clock security protocols as well as nearby hospitals, firefighters, and law enforcement.


Several buyers think that buying is too much at today’s price. However, if we glance at the buyers who bought the new launch 5 years ago, they may have similar views about the price of 5 years ago. But now, various of them are making decent profits. And that’s why price alone can’t determine whether it’s a good investment or not. Location, transportation, and other circumstances are important to assure that your money is placed in a great investment property.