Normanton Park Condominium

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One Normanton Park condo is a spanking new condominium in District 5, just around the corner from Kent Ridge Park MRT. This Normanton Park condominium bridge to various sources such as One-North Business Park tenant pool, National University of Singapore, National University Hospital, Science Park, and Mapletree Business City. This beautifully designed Normanton Park with advanced technology is developed by the reputable developer of Singapore Kingsford Huray.

While standing in the neighboring vicinity to the jazziness, the widespread landscape of Kent Ridge Park is on your doorstep. This place is a gift for all nature lovers, who can enjoy a sunset stroll to various parks in the proximity, such as Telok Blangah Hill Park, Labrador Nature Reserve, HortPark, and Mount Faber Park.

Normanton Park possesses an extensive 660,999 square feet land area, covering 1864 premier apartments with choices of home from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom. With an unhampered picture resting on extensive grounds of Normanton Park, house owners can foresee homes with breathtaking panoramas of the city, sea, or vast greenery at Kent Ridge Park.

Why To Choose Normanton Park Condo


There are so many reasons you can find Normanton Park condo at the top of your list. From beauty to nature, you can find everything here. Let’s see some reasons why you should choose Normanton Park Condo:

  • Normanton Park design carries 360-degrees views of the Park, Sea, and City Skyline.
  • The Greater Southern Waterfront will offer numerous assortments of leisure and work amenities.
  • One Normanton Park and the Kent Ridge Park are the places for nature lovers who can enjoy the ultimate peace and lush greenery.
  • It is another mega-development project constructed over a vast land space of around 660,999 sq. ft.
  • Normanton Park Condo is effortlessly accessible and convenient to several business parks. For example, One-North Business District, Science Park, NUS, and so on. Even it can also be accessible to several premier educational institutions and Mapletree Business City. Therefore, it can end up as an excellent purchase for your rental or personal stay.

Normanton Park Floor Plan and Site Plan


With a total of 1,862 units ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms and terrace houses in Normanton Park Condos, which are available for choice, you can be assured of a perfect unit design for your desired investment. Check Normanton Park Floor Plan.

There are 23 floors for you to choose from, and you can select from ocean or sea view, garden or park view, city view, and amenities view. Whichever scene you choose, and You’ll relish the excited Amazon River feel. Each floor has its own balcony to take in whatever views you choose in the secrecy of your own home. All the floors are well furnished, along with the latest innovative home technologies that involve lockset and CCTV facilities.

Since floor plan configurations abound, on top of different orientations and different considerations for floors, buyers will need to be well notified about the many options available.

Normanton Park Price

The significatory Normanton Park price has not yet been released. Buying a property isn’t ever regarding the price. Apart from entry price, other conditions such as the location of the expansion, good rental potential, transportation, MRT, and future growth are also equally important. For homeowners, the size of the unit, schools, amenities in the development, design, etc., are essential in choosing which property suits your family’s needs.



There is nothing quite like Normanton Park. So, here you can calm your soul and soothe your mind. Experience a whole new level of indulgence here along with its various luxurious amenities to recharge, reinvigorate and refresh your mind, soul, and body. So, you can let go of accumulated fatigue and look at inner peace.

Here you can swim in the pool, sunbathe on the pool floor, sports lovers can do exercise in the gym, take your kids to the wedding, pool and make use of the resident multi-purpose hall. It also provides a car park and 24-hour security. The infinite amenities of the house specially designed for the residents will indulge you to the maximum.